Montcalm Area Humanities Council

Chair:  Karen Maxfield
Vice Chair:  Larry Moss
Recording Secretary:  Valerie Vander Mark
Luverne ​Adamson -  Mid-Michigan Arts Council
Katie Arwood - MCC Director of Library
Debbie Bell - MCC Art Show Coordinator
Kris Berry - Greenville Area Community Center Director
Chris Chapman - Greenville High School Auditorium Manager

Mattie Cook - Flat River Community Library Director
Joseph Curry - Flat River Dance Company
Miranda Curry - Flat River Dance Company
Bill Garlick - Fighting Falcon Military Museum
Carolyn Garlick - Flat River Historical Society

Bev Gates -  Lifelong Learners Chair and MCC Instructor
Bruce Gates - Lifelong Learners Vice Chair and member of the Montcalm County Suicide Prevention Coalition
Keith Hudson - Danish Festival Band Director/Flat River Big Band/President of Flat River Historical Museum
Carolyn Johnson - MCC Arts and Humanities Instructor
Pam Jorae - Danish Festival Executive Director
​Shannon Kilduff - Heritage Village President 

Kristen Kohn - Greenville Area Community Center
Laurie Lehman - Montcalm Area Art Association
Char Lothian - Former MCC Philharmonic Orchestra
Dionne Luxford - Miss Dee's School of Dance
Karen Maxfield - MCC Cultural Events Coordinator
Larry Moss - Flat River Community Players, Greenville City Councilor
Claudia Nielson - Montcalm Area Art Association

Hope Nobel - Tamarack District Library Director
Patty Rockafellow - White Pine Library
​Kent Schuster - Flat River Community Players
Valerie VanderMark - MCC Emeritus Music and Humanities Instructor
Cheryl Willard - Greenville High School Performance Coordinator

Janice Williams - TCH Reynolds Township Library Director

Jan and Ben Witbrodt - Montcalm Area Art Association and Commission on Aging

Montcalm Area Humanities Council
Membership Roster

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